Candice Swanepoel Does A Bikini Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures of gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel posing on the beach in St. Barth yesterday for a bikini photo shoot:

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(Click here to see even more pictures from the photo shoot!)

Photos via INF


  1. syrah says

    while i think this one has some nice basic lines/shape, i feel she’s just too thin. and no, it’s not jealousy. i’d like her body shape with about 20 more pounds on it. serious.

  2. AllyLou says

    This is one of my dream bodies! She looks great. If I had her body I would eat,drink and sleep in a bikini.

  3. Rachel says

    She is thin but she still looks healthy and toned. Usually I find the VS models to be too thin but I think Candice has a gorgeous body.

  4. Lola says

    Facewise she looks like the female, younger version of Leonardo Di Caprio… Btw did he/is he dating her? If not, he will prob very soon lol…

  5. syrah says

    naw, she’s dating a fellow model. . .has been for years. but she definitely looks like she could be related to Leo, lol.

  6. rita says

    actually,, my favorite is Marisa Miller (but she’s no longer a VS model & she’s pregnant now) not sure if she gave birth though

    candice is #2.. her body is like a piece of art! admirable

  7. Tia says

    I mean seriously, this one got highest ranked for skinnywebsites best body?? She’s beautiful and has a nice body but it is so disproportionate to me and her waist has always looked odd to me. I thought symmetry was what we all strived for.

  8. says

    i guess i’m the only one not impressed…her face is just ok….her body is thin but when she’s not doing the extreme poses her waist doesn’t seem crazy small….not jealous just prefer the old school vs girls….

  9. Illy says

    Wow. I guess VS models are subject to cellulite too. She has an amazing body and she’s very beautiful but to see some signs of slight cellulite on the back of her thighs is just a reminder that no matter how perfect they seem on magazines, no matter how much you diet, work out (hell these girls are paid MILLIONS to work out and not enjoy food), you are still human and can’t completely escape it. If a VS model can’t escape it completely, then why do we regular girls beat ourselves up so much over it? Look how beautiful she is and she can still have some slight dimples on the back of her thighs.

  10. Melissa says

    Candice is gorgeous!
    But for best body, I have to give it up to Barbara Palvin!!!! She’s the only VS model that doesn’t look like she has an ed! Hopefully she won’t succumb like the rest of them :(
    She is flawless!

  11. retrobanana says

    she masters “the i need a chiropracter” look well…and i think her butt sells the hell out of anything in vs….but adriana, doutzen, and miranda are my faves

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