Melissa Joan Hart’s 40-Lb Weight Loss: “I’m Slimmer Than Before the Baby!”


Melissa Joan Hart used Nutrisystem to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy after welcoming her third son, Tucker, now 16 months. After gaining 60 pounds during her pregnancy, she lost 30 pounds on her own, but struggled to lose the rest of the baby weight. Her sister-in-law recommended Nutrisystem so she gave it a try and she lost another 40 pounds. She’s now the company’s spokeswoman and says she’s “slimmer now than before the baby!”

“They do healthy versions of the foods you like. I love Mounds bars and they have this almond-coconut bar. I don’t have to feel guilty.”

On her fitness routine, she says:

“I make it a social event. I chitchat with friends on walks or run with my husband. It’s so nice not to be busting out of things or having to wear undergarments to keep things in. I feel good!”

Rosie O’Donnell Admits She Had Weight Loss Surgery


Rosie O’Donnell recently admitted that she underwent weight loss surgery. While attending the Go Red for Women Luncheon in Detroit on Friday, Rosie told guests that she had the surgery after a heart attack in 2012. She got the vertical gastric sleeve surgery in July 2013 and lost 40 pounds immediately after the procedure, going from 230 pounds to 190 pounds. People reports that the surgery involved the removal of about 80 percent of the patient’s stomach, creating a “small sleeve-shaped stomach the size of a banana.”

After her heart attack, Rosie initially tried diet and exercise, but after struggling with her weight for more than a year, Rosie decided that it was time for more drastic measures, saying, “I did it to save my life.”