Edita Vilkeviciute Poses For A Photo Shoot

Victoria’s Secret model Edita Vilkeviciute (who I have never heard of until today!) posed for a photo shoot in Saint Barthelemy yesterday (January 27th 2013). Here are several pictures of the very thin model in various poses. (To see even more photos, click here!)

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Photos via INF


  1. syrah says

    rib cage protrusion! definitely not perfection. . .
    a few burritos and she’ll be on her way.

  2. Jerry Z says

    i mean, she’s really skinny, yes – but also a lot of it has to do with her bone structure. i know even if i got really thin, my body wouldn’t look anything like that.

  3. Rachel says

    Wow, she looks too thin to me. There’s something odd about her stomach and rib cage area…. maybe it’s just she’s sooo thin.

  4. k says

    Her “abs” look perfect because she is so thin and has a low fat percentage. Fit abs protrude, skinny abs are revealed b/c there’s so little there.

  5. Di says

    She looks very natural to me. I don’t think she works hard to be this thin. Her ribs show a little bit, but she doesn’t have any other bones sticking out (no collar bones/chest etc.). Her boobs look like they could be real too! (I’m not an expert in fake boobies so please forgive me if I’m incorrect) ;)

  6. b says

    My ribs/collarbone always stick out…I’m a pear. When I stretch, it’s terrifying. It’s not always a good indicator of (un)healthy weight!!

  7. Stella says

    Way too thin, but I have to admit I wish my arms looked like that. from her torso area it appears she hasn’t eaten anything substantial in days or weeks. Not a good look for Victoria Secret. They are not sending too good a message here

  8. Tia says

    some people are just bonier up top, I think it’s unfair to say she needs to eat or is too skinny because of this

  9. jjj says

    She is not too thin at all. She has a narrow rib cage which is very attractive. Having small bones doesn’t make you too thin. She has a different look which is also a plus!

  10. Maxx says

    Don’t know who she is, but her body is flawless! She’s thin, but still has curvy hips and boobs. Perfection.

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