1. jenna says

    When I saw Emily in My Summer of Love years ago, I thought she was gorgeous, fresh and someone I could be jealous of! The next movie I saw her in was Devil Wears Prada where she admitted to dieting to get skinnier for the role. I didn’t think she was anywhere near as attractive as she was in My Summer of Love, and as the years go by, I think she is becoming less and less attractive. Too much weightloss really takes away from some people. Sad.

  2. Rachel says

    I agree with you Jenna. I thought she was so pretty in that moveie too. But I didn’t even know that was her at first. Her face looks so different now.

  3. retrobanana says

    dont care for her much she looks slender and slim here but her face isnt very attractive and i have nebver cared for her in anything besides devil wears prada…i am biased because i love john krasinski and am super jelous…but she is quite overrated in my opinion

  4. Jj says

    It’s because she doesn’t show her teeth when she smiles it makes her face look strained. It’s so sad. Why do actresses smile weirdly like this?

  5. AllyLou says

    I didn’t not recognize her at first. However she looks stunning in this gown. I think she’s a good size, borderlining on the too thin sign, but it doesn’t look bad on her.

  6. Madison says

    “My Summer Of Love” came out in 2004. Who looks the same age more than 8 year latter? Harsh!

    She’s looking gorgeous! Love the dress the shape, the face. Yay, Emily!

  7. jenna says

    madison, if you read my comment, i said that i thought she was beautiful in My Summer of Love (2004) and then in Devil Wears Prada (2006) when she admitted to extreme dieting to lose weight for the role, I thought she looked different & not in a good way. and because she’s been trying to maintain the lower weight ever since Devil Wears Prada, I think it’s aging her & has changed her face and look completely. I know people age, but some age nicely, and some don’t. IMO, she’s not ageing well because of her choice to try to stay as slim as she is.

  8. syrah says

    I’m usually the one to harsh on chicks being overly thin, but I don’t think Emily is crossing the line here, YET. She’s definitely lean, but she doesn’t look unhealthy or emaciated to me. I mean look at those arms, she’s cut, not scrawny! Time for me to do some pushups now…..

  9. elina says

    Her eye makeup isn’t very flattering in these pictures, doesn’t make her look any younger – vice versa.

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