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Actress Julia Stiles attended the 24th Annual Producers Guild Awards on Saturday, held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills:

Photos via INF


  1. Joell says

    She’s gained some weight since her movie days. Especially that movie “10 Things I Hate About you”. But she looks good.

  2. Jo says

    Woah! In that second picture (close-up) I barely recognized her! Her weight gain has really aged her. Gorgeous hair and makeup though.

  3. Kristi says

    she does look like Martha!!! She also clearly looks uncomfortable with her weight gain-has she worked lately?

  4. b says

    It’s the haircut. She’s a beautiful girl, but the haircut is no bueno. At the very least, she should suss it up.

  5. Tia says

    LOL yes! Martha Stewart it is. The hair, the face…

    She’s definitely plumped up but a few more minutes in the spotlight and I promise that would change.

  6. k says

    i dont think her face looks like that from weight gain. im wondering if she is using fillers and botox or something. her face looks swollen but frozen…

  7. retrobanana says

    i never found her pretty… i used to hate that movie save the last dance..all my friends watched it over and over…i used to be like cant they atleast find a pretty white girl to turn ghetto…

  8. char says

    People, you’re comparing her to her “movie days” and 10 things etc! That was FIFTEEN years ago! She was a kid. Her “weight gain” has not aged her, she IS older.

  9. Maxx says

    She has thick legs…surprising she was in a dance movie. She does resemble Martha with this haircut!

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